10/2/17 - Press release

Bryan Richard- XXX

Amsterdam based, by a way of Las Vegas, rapper Bryan Richard today announces his upcoming project called XXX. XXX stands for 3 tracks, 3 unique venues and 3 fresh videos, inspired by the well known Team Backpack (USA).

10/16/17 - Switch, fully mixed/mastered and filmed by TZH Studios, XXX will release its first video recorded in the Record Store called ‘’Coco Records’’. Hiphopheads will understand the importance of a good venue and Bryan Richard has found a way to deliver that oldschool vibe in a brand new video.

10/30/17 - Firestarter will shake things up. With ‘’Trap’’ being so popular nowadays, Bryan Richard wanted to show the world he was able to step up and take on the challenge, without losing his own identity in the music. Recorded in one of the hottest Urban stores in the Netherlands, ‘’Us Madhouse’’, Firestarter is truly one of a kind.

11/13/17 - FBG, XXX will end with a bang! Recorded in one of the best theaters in the Netherlands, ‘’Zaantheater’’, only one track was able to match up with the venue; ‘’FBG’’. ‘’FBG’’ is filled with barz and different flows that really put XXX in a different dimension.